Covid Crisis Recovery Plan

“Robust Plan for Recovery”

No fancy acronyms, CCRP has been created to assist those travel companies who have been able to "hang on" during this crisis. Now is the time to start rebuilding. It is a different world today, and in order to succeed you need to consider getting help. Help is usually expensive, especially when it comes to outside consultants.


P. Jason King Associates, Inc., most well-known for its recruitment companies, has been doing consulting for companies like yours for over 30 years.

Qualifications are easy: Must be a Travel Company & have Internet & Wi-Fi access.

Jason King, founder and president of the company, will work directly with you to not only RECOVER, but help you "Grow Your Business".

We have over 4 decades of experience in rebuilding, creating start-ups, and growing companies.

We have created a selection of different plans, each to assist you during this pandemic and beyond. Unlike some very fine consultants in the field, who work by the day or by the hour, we like to work on a “Project Basis. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry how many hours we put in and allows you to control your expenses.

“Like the old adage, ‘Engaged before Married', start with us. If you like working with us, select another Phase, and best of all, we start off with a TOTALLY FREE CONSULTATION”, stated King.

We are not just a consultant, we are an “Ear”! In our world of consultancy, an EAR simply means we know how to “Listen”. Most consultants tell you what to do. We ask questions, but then we listen. Listen to not only the answers, but much more…things that may have not been heard by others, ever!

We will at your request sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or a Confidentiality Agreement (CA).


Including Advertising & Public Relations

Through our discussions with you, we will ask you to provide any/all marketing plans and promotions that you have generated over the years. We will discuss and recommend a “target” Marketing Plan, designed specifically with your company in mind. We never use “boilerplate” marketing schemes. What advertising you have done and how much you have spent in hard dollars or soft dollars (hard dollars are real dollars, soft dollars may be through barters or other deals). We will always explain everything to you. Everything we do is considered "highly confidential". We will discuss who your clients are and or who you now may wish to attract, and more.

The design of the Marketing Plan has you in mind to maintain it moving forward. It will be in an amount that you can afford. Included will be “Storefront” marketing if you have a window display. The creation of VIP Club for distinguished clients, plus a selection of group recommendations, will be included.


An advertising campaign would be created within the budget guidelines set forth. Negotiations will be taught for usage with different media outlets including local newspapers, to ensure the best advertising rates available. Some publications will provide stories about your firm at no cost. Advertisements will be discussed with recommendations along with a tracking system to monitor your results.


We will teach you how to properly execute a Press Release, what is required and how to disseminate them. Press Releases should be created at a minimum of one (1) per month.

*Should you opt for us to maintain it, we will, at that time, quote a discounted monthly fee.

Consultant: Jason King

Additional costs such as Website alterations, printing, mailings, et cetera are borne by you. (approved in advance, in writing)


Supplier Effectiveness and Profitability

We will:

Consultant: TBA


Product Variety and Expertise

We will:

Consultant: TBA


Customer Expansion and Profitability

We will:

Consultant: TBA


Assess and Monitor Customer Satisfaction

We will:

Consultant: TBA


We respect your time and that of your employees, so when we schedule our appointments, we do it at the most convenient times that you, as Owner or President, agree with. We will discuss your staff, everyone’s responsibilities, their and your compensation (everything we do is considered highly confidential). We will conduct a thorough evaluation through in-depth screening and interviewing (via Skype or other video conferencing), with each member of your staff (evenings or weekends included), to insure employee satisfaction, and highlight areas for improvement to increase employee engagement. Evaluate training areas that are required for specific employees. Investigate “hidden skills” which you may already have within your organization that are not being optimized.

Sessions with Employees will take approximately one (1) hour.

“If your employees are not happy, your customers will not be happy”.

Develop an employee suggestion program, if desired, to extract great ideas from your team, that may not have been brought forward. Create an employee survey which can be used on an ongoing basis to ensure increasing employee morale and satisfaction. A fully detailed report of all employees will be presented at the end of this phase.

Consultant: Jason King

Option: we will create a self-liquidating Incentive Program for all employees. This program will insure you are getting 100% of your employee’s time and dedication to the responsibilities they have. TBD (this is not a stand-alone option)

Phase 7. 2021 & BEYOND

Now is the time to put together a plan that will ensure you can maximize your return whether you maintain your company or look to sell in the future. Explanation of the sales process to help you develop a plan that will make your company more attractive in the future, should you decide to sell it, or merge… or simply build it for generations!

Consultant: Jason King


Consultant: Jason King

If you decide to allow us to work with you on all on any 4 Phases, we will offer you a highly discounted fee for any of your “Personnel Needs”.



Although our goals are always to provide you with easy to manage new and exciting plans, sometimes you just need an ongoing “Ear” to talk with. We have options just in case.

Option 1. A monthly conversation with Jason or Steve, at your convenience to discuss any of your ideas or problems. Maximum 2 hours.

Option 2. A bi-monthly conversation with Jason or Steve, at your convenience to discuss any of your ideas or problems. Maximum 2 hours.

Option 3. A weekly conversation with Jason or Steve, at your convenience to discuss any of your ideas or problems. Maximum 2 hours.

BONUS – After one year from any Phase selected, we will Review, at no cost to you, how you have applied and maintained new programs and may make further recommendations of enhancement.
$ - No Charge

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